History of the society

The Slovak Limnological Society was established in 1994, when the former Czechoslovak Limnological Society splitted into two national societies, the Slovak and the Czech ones. The Czechoslovak Limnological Society was constituted in 1966 and it continued in activities of the Hydrobiological committee associated with the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. It was mainly dealing with co-ordination and development of co-operation between specialists and institutions of fundamental and applied research in the field of water and water management as well as organization of conferences and workshops.

Till now, close cooperation has continued between Slovak and Czech Limnological Societies, supported by regular conferences, organized in three-year periods. The venue of these meetings is altered among Czech, Moravia and Slovakia.

Review of presidents of CSLS a SLS: 

2013 - 2015: Prof. RNDr. Peter Bitušík, CSc. 
2010 - 2012: Prof. RNDr. Peter Bitušík, CSc. 
2007 - 2009: Prof. RNDr. Peter Bitušík, CSc. 
2004 - 2006: Doc. RNDr. Peter Bitušík, CSc. 
2001 - 2003: RNDr. Jarmila Makovinská, CSc. 
1997 - 2000: RNDr. Iľja Krno, CSc. 
1994 - 1997: RNDr. Ľubica Miklošovičová, CSc. 


1991 - 1994: Prof. Dr. František Kubíček, CSc. 
1988 - 1991: Doc. RNDr. Vladimír Kořínek, CSc 
1985 - 1988: Doc. Dr. František Kubíček, CSc 
1982 - 1985: RNDr. Pavel Blažka, CSc 
1979 - 1982: Doc. RNDr. Jan Lellák, CSc. 
1976 - 1979: Prof. Dr. Vladimír Sládeček, DrSc. 
1973 - 1976: Doc. RNDr. Jaroslav Hrbáček, CSc 
1969 - 1973: Prof. Záviš Cyrus 
1966 - 1969: Akademik Prof. Dr. Silvestr Prát 
1965 - 1966: Doc. RNDr. Jaroslav Hrbáček, CSc.



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