What is SLS?

Limnology is a multidisciplinary ecological branch of science dealing with study and research of inland fresh water in all its aspects.

The Slovak Limnological Society (SLS) associates specialists focused on abiotic as well as biotic components of water ecosystems (hydrography, hydrology, hydrochemistry, hydrobiology, microbiology, ichthyology). In the centre of their concern is study of relations among individual components of ecosystem and processes of water environment (e.g. biological production of organic matter and its decomposition, eutrophication). Limnology also deals with the whole range of questions of water management, water pollution, hygiene of water, technology of drinking and sewerage water treatment, effects of waterworks building, water courses regulation and other questions related to utilization of results of limnological research in the praxis.

Since 2010 SLS became a member of association of european limnological societes EFFS (European Federation for Freshwater Sciences).

SLS issues journal Limnologický spravodajca (Limnological newsletter), organizes seminars, specialized courses and conferences. Objective of these activities is to enable mutual contacts of SLS members, exchange of information, research results and new knowledge, experiences, improvement and unification of methods, etc...


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