Distributed European School of Taxonomy (DEST)

19/11/2014 11:12

The Distributed European School of Taxonomy (DEST), an initiative under the CETAF umbrella and managed by RBINS, has launched its NEW website and training programme for 2014-2015!  

Check out the Modern Taxonomy programme offering intensive theoretical courses in various subjects. Also, have a look at the Expert-in-training programme enabling trainees to develop and strengthen their taxonomic research skills through on-the-job-training. 


Several of our training courses focus on freshwater taxa and might be of particular interest to you: 

- Training program in non-marine diatoms from the (sub-) Antarctic Region

- Training programme in Crustacean systematics with specialisation in Cyclopidae (Copepoda)

- Systematics of freshwater subterranean Malacostraca: Morphology, molecular systematics, and web-taxonomy



More info here...




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