Environmental Impacts of Catchment from Headwaters to the Sea (5 ECTS)

16/02/2015 13:07

Helsinki Summer School

Dear all,

We are coordinating a course called Environmental Impacts of Catchment from Headwaters to the Sea (5 ECTS) at the Helsinki Summer School next summer, from the 4th to the 20th of August, 2015.

The course that we are coordinating is an exceptional course where in addition to the unique academic curriculum, attendants will have a memorable time at two Biological Stations enjoying the beautiful surrounding nature, saunas & swimming as well as evenings by the fire. The first days of the course will take place in Helsinki, so participants will also get a taste of the hip Nordic capital.

The course introduces students to the overall picture of environmental impact on the Baltic Sea. It will do so by analysing the role of catchment area and inland waters in the water quality and eutrophication of coastal waters. During the intensive field course the students will learn how land management, control of water pollution and ambient ecosystem dynamics affect water quality and ecosystems and how this changes on the way from headwaters along the river basin to the Baltic Sea. The course will give a deeper understanding of the nutrient processes and their spatial and temporal dynamics in catchments and coastal areas, including transportation, modification and retention of nutrients and organic material.

Helsinki Summer School offers fully credited, research-based courses for students and graduates, as well as accommodation and social programme.

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