LRP 2016: International Conference Lakes, Reservoirs & Ponds: Impacts – Threats – Conservation

09/01/2016 12:47

Date: 31. May – 3. June 2016

LocationIława, Poland 

Scope of the conference: To share experience on the ecology, complexity and diversity of freshwater ecosystems, development of restoration and management methods, control measures and risk assessments. 

Topics: Lake hydrology, Freshwater biodiversity, Physical limnology, Paleolimnology, Aquatic toxicology, GIS and modelling in limnology, Lake- catchment relations, Water Framework Directive (WFD), Shallow lakes and ponds, Functioning of reservoirs, Lake management and bioindication, Lake restoration. 

Organizers: Polish Limnological Society in co-operation with Czech Limnological Society, Slovak Limnological Society, Hungarian National Assoc. of Environmental Engineers, Romanian Limnogeographical Association. 

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