REFORM - International Conference on River and Stream Restoration

16.02.2015 11:11

“Novel Approaches to Assess and Rehabilitate Modified Rivers” 

30 JUNE – 2 JULY 2015


Wageningen, The Netherlands


Conference objectives

The purpose of the Conference is to enlarge awareness of the need and appreciation for the benefits of river rehabilitation. 

It will serve as a platform to present and discuss aspirations, challenges, analytical frameworks and novel approaches to improve our understanding of the causes and consequences of hydromorphological degradation and to enhance river rehabilitation.


Topics at the Conference include:

1.      Assessment and rehabilitation of hydromorphological processes in rivers

2.      Discerning the impact of hydromorphological modification from other stressors

3.      Achievements by restoration and mitigation practices 

4.      How to improve the (cost-)effectiveness of river rehabilitation?

5.      Benefits of river rehabilitation and synergies with other uses (flood protection, navigation, agriculture, hydropower)

6.      Linking science to practice: tools to assess river status and guide rehabilitation to optimize river basin management


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