Taxonomy and phylogeny of genera Roraima Kodada & Jäch and Neblinagena Spangler (Coleoptera: Elmidae)

12/01/2016 10:19

agency: VEGA

duration: 2014 - 2017


The project aims is to study taxonomy and phylogeny of genera Roraima and Neblinagena (Coleoptera, Elmidae). The genus Roraima is known yet only from the high Venezuelan table mountains, the genus Neblinagena is known also only from Venezuela, but inhabit streams in lower altitudes. The goals of the project are: (1) clarifying species classification including formal description, identification of morphological and genetic variability, possible redefinition of the taxonomic concept of genera, (2) identification of larval stages using molecular markers, assigning larvae to the species and describing them using morphological characters, (3) analysis and interpretation of phylogeny of Roraima, drawing possible scenarios of the speciation and geographic distribution and testing hypotheses of the evolution of the table mountains biota using molecular data, (4) analysis of the phylogenetic position of Roraima and Neblinagena within subfamily Larainae based on combination of morphological and genetic characters.


principal investigator:

Doc. RNDr. Ján Kodada, CSc.


RNDr. Fedor Čiampor Jr., PhD.





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