Wetland Science and Society: knowledge transfer, conservation conflicts and restoration management

08.01.2016 13:37

11th annual European Chapter meeting of the Society of Wetlands Scientists (SWS)

Dátum: 17 – 20. máj 2016
Miesto konania: Potsdam, Berlin env., Germany

The meeting is being organized by the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries and will be an opportunity to provide new perspectives on: Strategies on how wetland science can be effectively implemented in practice

(“knowledge transfer”), Approaches to harmonizing wetland functions and eco- nomic interests (“conservation conflicts”), Utilization of wetlands for mitigation of water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and loss of biodiversity (“resto- ration management”).

SWS wants to encourage people of all branches of wetland science and practice, and especially those with a focus on European wetland issues, to participate, including: Biologists, Local Government Officials & Decision- Makers, Consultants, Conservationists, Ecologists, Educators, Environmental Consultants, Scientists, and Managers, Foresters, Graduate Students, Hydrologists etc.

Informácie: https://www.sws.org/europe-chapter 





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