What is a biological value of drainage ditches?

11/01/2016 15:53
agency: VEGA
project duration: 2014 - 2017
key words: landscape ecology, artificial refugia, drainage ditches, conservation biology
The project aims to ecological, biological and conservation value and integrity of the system of drainage ditches in the agricultural landscape. Man-made ditches are important and often unique refugia for the indigenous fauna and flora in this intensively exploited and disturbed area. As the object of the research we choose as the model habitats ditches of different ages, physiognomy, hydrological regime and different successional stages, which will be compared with natural reference habitats. As an animal model group, we chose fish and freshwater molluscs due to their high informative and indication value. The main project output will be biological (or ecological) assessment and biological and conservation value categorization system of the ditches in target research area, which will serve as a basis for conservation and management.
principal manager: 
Ing. Tomáš Čejka, PhD., Institute of the Botany SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia
RNDr. Ladislav Pekárik, PhD., Institute of the Botany SAS, Bratislava, Slovakia




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